13 Jan 2019
HomeOps - Managing My Infrastructure as Code

With a desire to have a recreatable state across my changing server setup, I decided it was time to apply best practices at home and automate my server management with Ansible.

04 Mar 2018
Time to React: Cleaning Out the Site

Jekyll served me well on my old blog site, but I wanted to see what you can do with static sites and react, so I've cleared (almost) everything out, and started fresh.

02 Dec 2014
Automatically Mount your ownCloud folder with webDAV

ownCloud provides a basic Command Line Tool for syncronising a folder with your cloud share, but you have to run it each time you want to sync. Using the webDAV capabilities of ownCloud you can mount your folder as a remote drive and work with it that way.

01 Dec 2014
Dynamic DNS with a Custom Domain, EntryDNS & Python

Plenty of services exist to provide you with free Dynamic DNS hostnames, but what if you want to use your own domain name to point to a non-static IP?

16 Oct 2013
Jekyll Post Navigation Within a Category

Jekyll comes equipped with `` and `post.previous` links, but how about just moving through the posts within one category?