I'm an Engineering Team Lead with the fantastic people at Ocado Technology, where I focus on making releases awesome.

I spend my days working in the eCommerce department on the new Ocado Smart Platform, where I run the Production Engineering team. Our focus is on developer experience, and looking after the build and release process for our suite of 40+ web services and applications. I'm a big GitlabCI fan, and alongside that I have written and maintain a suite of custom tooling to support performing deployments to AWS. I get to work with modern stacks for both Java and Node applications, and write integrations for other tools such as Slack.

In 2015 I submitted my Ph.D Thesis in Computer Science, on the topic of delivering content into Augmented Reality environments (if you're really keen, you can read it here). That gave me a great opportunity to work with some really exciting technology and spend a lot of time wearing head mounted displays (like a terminator).

When I'm not working I have a passion for home automation, and I try to find time to get out on my bike. I'm also pretty nerdy about coffee and have more methods of making it in the kitchen than space will reasonably allow.