I'm an Engineering Manager with the fantastic people at Ocado Technology, where I focus on enabling autonomy and building high performing teams.

I spend my days working the eCommerce Platform department for Ocado Technology. I'm currently responsible for three development teams, where we're building new and innovative ways for our retail partners to integrate with the Ocado Smart Platform, and working to enable our internal feature teams to deliver value quickly and safely.

In 2015 I submitted my Ph.D Thesis in Computer Science, on the topic of delivering content into Augmented Reality environments (if you're really keen, you can read it here). That gave me a great opportunity to work with some really exciting technology and spend a lot of time wearing head mounted displays (like a terminator).

When I'm not working I have a passion for home automation, and I try to find time to get out on my bike. I've developed a keen interest in barbeque, and you'll often find me watching over some cut of meat smoking for hours on end.