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  • ownCloud provides a basic Command Line Tool for syncronising a folder with your cloud share, but you have to run it each time you want to sync. Using the webDAV capabilities of ownCloud you can mount your folder as a remote drive and work with it that way.
  • Plenty of services exist to provide you with free Dynamic DNS hostnames, but what if you want to use your own domain name to point to a non-static IP?
  • It's all too easy to forget that you have an email sat waiting for you to reply to it. We've all done it. Personally I started keeping them in a folder called "Pending", but how often do I remember to check that?
  • Jekyll comes equipped with `` and `post.previous` links, but how about just moving through the posts within one category?
  • I've started my blog from scratch, and moved from wordpress to Jekyll in the process. So why the change?